Update: One Month Later

Its been just about a month since our 4 new Mustangs arrived. We’ve been letting them settle in, get adjusted to their new life on our farm, and relax.

We’re starting to see their personalities, and learning what type of new job they might be happiest in.

Matilda, our oldest, recognized a halter, and seems to have had a bit of handling in the past. She’s been moved into our main barn and has started her training. She’s catching onto the concept of lunging, and is unfazed by a saddle pad. She’s getting regular grooming and picks up her feet with no issues – such a smart girl!

We think McGee might be the next Mustang we work with. He is very curious about everyone who interacts with him, and walks up to Kaitlyne for treats, and let’s her touch him with no issue. He’s also our herd leader, but not aggressive to the others.

Charlie is also quite curious about everyone. He’s happy to let McGee meet and greet everyone first, but he wants to sniff after McGee is done! He’s approached men more quickly than women, but doesn’t seem frightened by any of the people he’s met. He’s the largest of our Mustangs.

Ziva is our most shy Mustang. She hasn’t yet decided to let a human get too close, but is curious and isn’t fearful when her herd mates are with her. She has beautiful conformation and is quickly becoming a farm favorite.

Stay tuned as our little herd continues to adjust to their new lives over the coming weeks!

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