McGee – Into the Barn

Part of the magic of Mustangs is how unique each of them are.  Different herds, different breeds influencing those herds… each Mustang is unique, with a background that shapes how they interact with you.

Matilda (the one with her head in Kaitlyne’s arms) is 12, captured around age 2 in Oregon.  McGee, watching with interest, is 3, likely captured in his first year, in Nebraska.

Matilda has seen a lot –  she’s been in holding pens longer, and experienced more. Of all the 3 strike Mustangs in our herd of four, she’s acclimated most quickly.

McGee, on the other hand, was young when he went into pens, and he seems to have little interaction with humans.  It’s taken Kaitlyne patience and time to build trust with him – hours spent in the round pen with him, working to halter him, teaching him to lead & teaching him to lunge.  He’s smart – quickly picking up what Kaitlyne is asking him to do, but doing it only as she builds his trust in her.

This past Saturday was his day to move into the barn.

He’s now in a stall, settling in and learning a new part of life on the farm.  He’ll still get plenty of turnout, and will be close to his herd of four, but his training is now beginning.


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