Welcome Roxie Hart – Mustang Magic 2017


On Monday, Kaitlyne picked up her Mustang for the upcoming Mustang Magic competition, January 19-21, 2017 in Ft. Worth, TX. This 7 year old mare is named Roxie Hart and has begun her journey here at Kaitlyne Wadman Mustangs.

Kaitlyne has 100 days to take Roxie from untrained to a Mustang who will compete in a variety of classes – if they make top 10, they will compete in the final freestyle in front of a stadium that is typically sold out! After the freestyle and final placings, the trained Mustangs are auctioned for adoption.

Roxie is a bit shy still – but she’s curious about everything around her.



Roxie is also very interested in the other Mustangs in the pens near her. Charlie and Ziva will be moving into the barn shortly, so there will be less distractions for Roxie as she works with Kaitlyne.

Be sure to keep an eye on this blog and Roxie’s Facebook page for updates!

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