Matilda – Under Saddle!

Matilda moved into the barn about a few weeks ago, and has already joined a turnout herd of several other mares on the farm.

It took Kaitlyne patience to get a halter on her, but Matilda seemed to know what one was, and she led readily… right into a new stall with a view of the grounds outside the barn, and the indoor riding ring.

She’s learned how to lunge, and last Saturday she seemed ready for Kaitlyne to test the saddle pad on her.

Only, that went so smoothly, it seemed clear she was ready to accept Kaitlyne IN the saddle as well – and so a few weeks into her stay here, and after a handful of lunging sessions, Kaitlyne and Matilda took their first ride together.


And a first trot session:

Matilda was a bit nervous, but settled down under Kaitlyne’s reassurances.

All told, an extremely successful day. Matilda agrees – as it ended with a brush down and a grazing session.


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