Mustangs at the Deerfield Fair! 

This past weekend was the Deerfield Fair – full of games, food, fun – and a 4 day horse show.  The Milestone Team had a number of riders and horses at the Fair, including the 2 Mustangs that inspired Kaitlyne Wadman Mustangs – Sassy and Krystle.

Sassy – the little grey mare that started it all – showed in Saddleseat with a 10 year old rider, and competed Friday and Saturday in the jumper classes with Kaitlyne.  Sassy has been working with Kaitlyne for about a year and a half and has shown in 3-phase and jumper shows and placed in the blues consistently.

Krystle – the Makeover Mustang from 2016, showed in walk / trot pleasure with a 10 year old rider and showed Halter for the first time. This mare was first worked with in April and has already proven to be a great horse for a variety of riders, including showing in leadline.

There was a lot of interest in the Mustangs. We had a number of visitors stop by the barn, or stop us as as we walked – asking about the horses, with questions about their temperaments, intelligence – and amazement at their sportiness. There aren’t a lot of Mustangs in New England and people are often surprised at how versatile a breed they are.

Milestone – show team and Mustangs – had a great Fair this year. Next year we hope to bring 3-4 Mustangs!


Next adventure – Sassy and Krystle compete at Pipestave with the Milestone Team…

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