Charlie & Matilda Are Adopted!

We are proud and happy to announce that two of our 3-strike Mustangs, Charlie and Matilda, have been adopted!

KW Charlie Horse

KW Charlie Horse, a handsome sorrel gelding, has been adopted by Kathleen, who fell in love with Mustangs after riding Cisco’s Sassy Sensation in lessons, and showing her in the dressage ring at the recent Pipestave three-phase event.

Kathleen has come back to riding after several years off, and dreamed of owning a horse who would bond closely with her, and grow with her over the years. Charlie is still in training, and Kathleen has been spending time grooming and growing close to him during the process.  She is excited to see where their journey takes them and is hoping to show Charlie in 2017.

KW Princess Matilda

KW Princess Matilda, an older bay mare, has been adopted by Jenn, who has another horse at Milestone.  She has been working closely with Matilda over the last two months and Matilda has clearly claimed her as her human.  Matilda took easily to Kaitlyne’s training, and by ride two, they were already cantering! Jenn plans to show Matilda next year in pleasure and two-phase events.

Training Continues…

Kaitlyne’s dream has been to give three-strike Mustangs a second chance at a new life, in a job they enjoy. With these first two adoptions, her dream is becoming a reality.  While Charlie & Matilda have now found their new homes, we will continue to showcase their training, and that of our two remaining Mustangs, McGee and Zeva.

McGee Lunging Lesson

Matilda Cantering

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