Me, and Mr. McGee

Written by Caelyn Waite, student of Kaitlyne & Cheryl Wadman

Hello everyone!

Obviously, if you’re seeing this, you follow Kaitlyne Wadman Mustangs, correct? Well, if you do, you should totally keep following us because us we are getting our Makeover Mustangs in about a week!

Cheryl Wadman, Kaitlyne Wadman, and I are all doing the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Massachusetts this year. In previous years, only Kaitlyne has done it, but I really felt inspired watching Kaitlyne work with her grey mare Cisco’s Sassy Sensation, and her bay mare Krystle-Lu Martin’s Boston Strong. I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

Luckily for me, I got extra tips and tricks while working for Kaitlyne. In August, Kaitlyne picked up 4 Mustangs, a sweet 12 year old, Matilda; 4 year old Charley Chomper; 4 year old Ziva; and my personal favorite, 3 year old Mr. McGee. Kaitlyne, knowing I wanted to do the challenge this year, allowed me to help by simply messing around with McGee, and now I think I may have a good chance due to the experience I got from working with him!

If I could, I would so buy this adorable little Mustang. Well, that’s about all I got for now, but make sure to go to the Kaitlyne Wadman Mustangs page to see our Mustangs for the Makeover this year, and let us know if you’ll be going to support us!


Caelyn will be participating in the Youth Extreme Mustang Makeover in W. Springfield, MA this June 15-17. Learn more about the competition.

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