The first four Mustangs have officially arrived!

Today they go from a number, to a name…


Meet the first four! More details on their history to follow.

Charlie – tagged as “6005” and his brand is 12646005.  Charlie is a 4 year old sorrel gelding, captured March 1, 2012 in Oklahoma.


Matilda – tagged as “5757” and her brand is 04015757.  Matilda is a 12 year old brown mare who was captured August 12, 2004 in Oregon.


McGee – tagged as “6419” and his brand is 13646419.  McGee is a three year old bay gelding, captured May 1, 2013 in Nebraska.


Ziva – tagged as “2419” and her brand is 11022419.  Ziva is a 5 year old black mare, captured October 10, 2012.


The first four, on their first day: